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Complete and Beneficial Family Dental Care in Bel Air, MD

Having strong teeth and healthy gums is more than just a matter of dazzling the world with a beautiful smile. These are essential factors in your well-being too. You can ensure that you have excellent oral wellness by booking an appointment with Dr. Iwona E Kubiczek, DDS PA. We offer complete family dental care in Bel Air, MD, for you and your loved ones.

We can help you keep your smile bright and brilliant by providing regular teeth cleaning. The Dental care benefits extend far beyond that service as we offer support for everyone of all ages. If you need full Dentures, we can fit you with ones that allow you to eat and speak normally.  We’ll provide effective Gum Disease care as well to help improve your overall Dental health.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a procedure that many individuals need to have done as they mature. It’s almost a rite of passage for young adults and even older ones. As your Local Dentist, Dr. Iwona E Kubiczek, DDS PA can remove those teeth without any issues to ensure they don’t cause trouble in the future.

Using Dr. Kubiczek as your Family Dentist offers the full benefit of having one Dental Care professional who knows the Dental history of your entire family. She is aware of any issues that may cause concern and she can be on alert for specific signs. You can also easily book appointments for everyone in your household with one point of contact at our clinic.

How Dental Insurance Works

  • Dental Insurance plan is a contract between your Employer and the Insurance Company. Your Employer chooses what services will be covered and at what percentage.
  • If you have State Insurance the contract fees and covered codes are determined by them.
  • Dental Insurance plan, generally, does not pay all costs of service.
  • Dental Insurance plan, generally, does not pay for every type of service performed.
  • Any amount not covered by Insurance plan is the patients' responsibility to the Dental office at the time of service.
  • At the time of service, the patients portion of the payment responsibility is only an estimate. The amount of the patients precise financial responsibility is determined by the insurance company after the claim has been filed. A final statement is then issued to the patient. Most questions regarding your statement are best directed to your insurance company.
  • Our office is happy to file the Dental claim on behalf of the patient, for the Insurance company service benefit. The terms of the Insurance are between you and  your Insurance carrier. The Dental office has no control or influence regarding the coverage you receive from your Insurance carrier.
  • There are countless variations in what Insurance plans pay or not pay.
    Some dental plans require a deductible to be paid before Insurance coverage begins for certain types of Dental work.
  • Most dental plans have a limited yearly amount that they will pay for dental services. Once that limit has been reached, the patient is responsible for full payment of services until the plan renews.
  • Dental office has very limited resources in determining your personal, specific coverage. In order to be financially prepared for your Dental visit, you need to know your dental plan. Ask your HR contact at work, look online, or call your Insurance plan company to get the details of your policy.

We hope that our website helps answer any questions regarding Dental Care and Insurance. However please do not hesistate to contact us if you still are unclear about something.

Contact us today at Dr. Kubiczek’s office to book a checkup, cleaning, or procedure for yourself or another family member.