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Dr. Kubiczek is a Family General Dentist in Bel Air, MD offering comprehensive solutions along with a talented, friendly, experience. Here you'll find a small practice that takes the time to personally care for each patient, while accepting most HMO and PPO Insurances as well as Medicaid. We are informative and offer extensive Exams. We are known for giving our patients the time they need to truly understand what is going on. Contact us today for everything from Full and Partial Dentures to Fillings and General Gum Care.

Benefits to Expect from Our Family Dental Practice

At our Family Dental Practice, we treat our patients with the care and attention we would give our own family members. Not only do we provide high-quality Cosmetic Dentistry, but we take particular pride in being the Primary Dentist for entire families.

If you’re challenged with visiting multiple Dentists to accommodate your family's needs, it’s time to switch to a family dental practice. Family dentistry is designed for family members of all ages, where a family Dentist can treat everyone in your household, so it’s the perfect way to make your family life management easier while getting quality Dental Care for your family.

Personal Relationships are key - Each member of your family can get to know their Dentist and feel comfortable with them. This makes expressing concerns easier; plus, it makes it easier to get your children to visit the Dentist as they will be less afraid and you can trust that they are in good hands at a Family Dental Practice.

It’s also easier to track your entire family members’ Dental histories. Needing to jump from a Pediatric Dentist to a General Dentist could prove challenging for cohesive Dental Care. It’s much easier to establish a relationship with one Dentist and for your Dental history and chart to stay in one place. The treatment of any Dental issues is more easily addressed, and nothing falls through the cracks when you are under the care of a Family Dentist.

Your Trusted Local Dentist

Believe it or not, your Oral Health is a window to your overall Health. Problems with your teeth or gums could potentially affect other areas of your body, so it is important to see a Dentist regularly for Cleanings and Examinations. That’s why Iwona E. Kubiczek DDS, PA General Dentistry office is dedicated to protecting your Oral Health now and into the future.

As a local Dentist, Dr. Kubiczek has a deep respect for her patients and community. This allows our staff to treat you with a higher level of care and compassion when you schedule an appointment with us. We help you with everything from standard teeth Cleanings through complicated Denture and Filling procedures. No matter what sort of Dental Care you need to stay happy and healthy, our Dentist can assist you.

Get the Dental Care you need by establishing a solid foundation and relationship with our practice. We help you protect your mouth so you don’t run into issues with Infections, Gum Disease, Plaque, or Oral Cancer. It is also important to remember that the best defense against expensive Dental bills is to receive routine Preventative Care. When you keep to your checkup schedule, you will find it much easier to quickly handle any issues that may pop up before they become worrisome problems.

** We are one of the few Dentist in Harford County that participates with Maryland Healthy Smiles**

Dr. K
Dr. K

About Dr. Kubiczek and her Team

We are thrilled to welcome you to our small Family Dental Practice.          Dr. Kubiczek and company have been serving the Dental needs of Hartford County for over 20+ years. Dr. Kubiczek chose Dentistry in College because Dental pain is one of the most common complaints that people have. Today, we offer a wide range of services and can handle almost all of your Dental needs in a single place. If you have any questions about our Practice, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting with you and addressing your Dental needs.

Julie and Kathy

Julie: (left)is our Lead Dental Assistant and has been with the Practice for over 10 years. She is very knowledgeable and such a pleasure to have in our office. 

Kathy: (right) is a Dental Assistant who came to Harford County as a Military Spouse. We are so lucky to have her for however her Military assignment is for in the area.  


Jessica: (left) Is our Office Manager, she came to us from University of Maryland Oral Surgery. She has over 15+ years in the Dental Industry 10 of them in Oral Surgery. She is very knowledgeable with Insurance Claims and Prior Authorizations. She will go above and beyond for our patients

Ciara: (right) Is our Front Office and Dental Assistant. We were so lucky to hire her on from Fortis Institute. She is such a pleasure to have in our office.

First Appointment & Pre-Existing Conditions

For your first appointment, please remember to bring any X-rays you have from your previous Dentist, your Insurance card, and a valid Photo ID. In addition to this information, please let us know if you have a history of Heart Disease, a Heart Condition including Murmurs, or if you've had any Joints replaced. We also need to know if you are Pregnant. If you have any of these issue, you need be cleared by your Treating Doctor before the appointment.

Please get clearance from a your Physician. We will need a note specifying your condition and whether or not an Antibiotic Pre-Medication will be required, as well as prescription information. You can fax the information to (410) 515-1283 or email to kubiczekdds@gmail.com this will be needed PRIOR to the Appointment. You'll also need to be Pre-Medicated for your first visit as the first exam includes Probing, occasionally beneath the Gum line.


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